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1. Disclaimer
1.1. We started the Agreement with this paragraph for good reason. RAF wants to take care of its reputation, its potential Users and publicly declares its activities, first and foremost warning you of the high risks associated with the use of the services presented on the Site. We will do our best to make our partnership as profitable and pleasant for you as we possibly can but… That's Life (F.Sinatra). Study the Agreement carefully and make an independent and deliberate decision.
1.2. RAF’s management body, director, beneficiary, and other RAF affiliates and entities are not responsible for the infallibility, completeness, accuracy, legality, reliability and quality of the information provided on the Site
1.3. Any information posted on the site is offered only for familiarization and analysis, cannot be interpreted as a call to action, a guarantee or a promise of a result.
1.4. The posting of links to third party websites does not constitute an endorsement by RAF.
1.5. RAF’s management body, director, beneficiary, and other RAF affiliates and entities are not liable to the User and other individuals and entities for:
- any actions (inaction) that are a direct or indirect result of the actions (inactions) of the User and third parties;
- any consequential losses and (or) lost profits of the User and (or) third parties, regardless of whether RAF could foresee the possibility of such losses or not;
- use (inability to use) and any consequences of the use (inability to use) by the User of the Services and Products he selects.
1.6. Do not contradict the information mentioned above, the RAF is not liable for breaches of the terms of the Agreement, if this violation is subject to unforeseen circumstances (force majeure): actions of the state authorities, fire, flood, earthquake, other natural actions, lack of electricity and/or failures of the computer network, strike, civil unrest, disturbances, any other circumstances beyond the control of the RAF company and affecting the performance of the obligations.
1.7. To the maximum degree permitted by law, RAF excludes:
- all conditions, representations, guarantees and other conditions that could be implied by legislative acts, common law, the law of fairness or subjective perception of a particular User;
- direct, indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential damages (including negligence), inability to use, loss of data, damage caused to a computer by an electronic virus, loss of income or profits, waste of office time, violation of the terms of a contract or claims of third parties or other losses of any kind, and even if RAF has been advised of the possibility of such damage or loss arising out of or in connection with the use of RAF Services and Products.
This limitation of liability applies, but is not limited to the transmission of any devices or viruses that may infect the user's equipment, causing malfunction of mechanical or electrical equipment or communication lines, telephone or other communication problems, unauthorized access, theft, personal injury, property damage, strikes or force majeure, including but not limited to liability for loss of income, loss of profits or contracts, loss of business, loss of anticipated savings, loss of reputation, loss of data, loss of office time, and any loss or damage of any kind.
1.8. RAF, the management body, director, beneficiary, as well as other persons and organizations affiliated with RAF, do not provide absolutely any guarantees that the User or other persons using the information posted on the Site, or using the RAF Products, will earn money or achieve a financial goal.
1.9. Any examples or presented demos are in no way a guarantee, promise of financial profit, or advice on financial management.
1.10. All information, Services and Products presented on the Site, the User uses solely at his own peril and risk, based on his inner conviction and subjective interpretation.
1.11. It has been explained to the User, and he agrees that there are no guarantees of achieving the desired result (gaining financial independence, increasing welfare, acquiring property, getting rid of obligations and other benefits that the User seeks to obtain) there is and cannot be.
1.12. The RAF expressly prohibits the User from raising money it does not own, the trust he receives in the case of contingencies, the education of children, treatment, and other funds, the loss of which can have a severe negative impact on the welfare and quality of life of the User.
1.13. Please note that RAF Products use network marketing elements.
1.14. If you do not have an economic education or do not have a deep knowledge of financial activities, you do not understand the contents of section 1.13 of the Agreement, the RAF strongly advises you not to use the site's services as they involve high risks. Take caution!
1.15. RAF, management body, director, beneficiary, and other RAF-affiliated individuals and organizations explicitly warn the User that using the information provided on the Site, as well as the Company's Services and Products, he may lose all the money raised. By accepting this Agreement, the User acknowledges, understands and accepts the risk of losses from RAF activities, including the risk of complete (100%) loss of the total amount of funds raised. In this case, the User refuses to present claims to RAF, the management body, director, beneficiaries, as well as other persons and organizations affiliated with RAF. Also, the User waives the right to bring legal claims (including collective ones). In the event of questions arising under the circumstances specified in this clause of the Agreement, they are submitted for resolution to an independent mediator of the selected RAF, the solution of which is mandatory for the parties.
1.16. RAF is not responsible for illegal use of the Site's services.

2. Terms and concepts
2.1. For the purposes of this document, the following terms are used as follows:
- Agreement - this document "User Agreement" posted on the Internet at:;
- Service - is to provide certain business information, including commercial, scientific and technical, information for professionals.
- Product - is a software complex that is posted on the Site and is designed for the user to apply the skills gained during the interaction with the Site.
- User - a person who has registered on the Site and accepted the terms of the Agreement;
- Personal account - a personalized, automated workspace of the User that provides remote electronic interaction with the Site;
- USDR - is an internal unit accepted as a settlement unit when using the Products on the Site. It is not a currency or property, does not carry any financial value, is not a monetary surrogate, and does not exist in the material world. The USDR value is tied to the USD rate - 1x1. USDR is held in the main wallet account. The size of the commission and the conversion rate are determined separately for each operation. RAF charges a fee for transfers.
- Subscription - the period of time chosen by the User to provide access to the Site Services.
- rafcoin - is an internal unit used on the site and intended for use only in Site Products. Rafcoin is stored in an education wallet account. It is not a currency or property, does not carry any financial value, is not a monetary surrogate, does not exist in the material world, and is not convertible, not subject to withdrawal.
2.2. The Agreement may use terms that are not defined in clause 2.1. In this situation, the interpretation of the term should be carried out in accordance with the text of the Agreement. If there is no unambiguous interpretation in the text of the document, you should be guided by the interpretation given in the legislation of the UK, on the Site or prevailing on the Internet.

3. The subject of the agreement
3.1. RAF provides users with access to an online platform that provides subscription information services aimed at increasing the level of financial literacy of users, as well as products for the subsequent application of the acquired skills.
3.2. RAF is not a broker, does not provide banking, investment, consulting services.
3.3. RAF does not provide advice or advice on financial management and investment.
3.4. RAF does not handle traditional cash transactions.
3.5. RAF is not involved in educational activities.
3.6. Please read paragraphs 3.2 - 3.5 again.

4. Terms of Service and Products
4.1. Services and Products on the Site are provided only to users who:
- have reached the age of majority established by the legislation in force in the territory of the Location / Location (in most cases, this is the age of 18 years);
- are capable individuals;
- have accepted this Agreement;
- passed the procedure of registration of the Personal Cabinet and (at the discretion of the RAF)confirmation of identity;
- Logged in by entering the user's personal login and password.
4.2. RAF has the right to change the terms of the Agreement at any time. If RAF makes changes to the Agreement, they come into force from the moment they are posted on the Site, unless otherwise specified in the Agreement.
4.3. By accepting this Agreement, the User grants consent to RAF, as well as to other companies, partners and third parties, at the discretion of RAF, to the processing, use, storage, and cross-border transfer of their personal data, in order to fulfill the Agreement, as well as for 50 years after its termination. The User's consent can be revoked at any time by notifying RAF by registered mail to the legal address of the organization, with a statement to revoke consent to the processing of personal data.
4.4. All Services and Products listed on the Site are provided in an "as is" format.
4.5. The User receives the Services and Products from the standard set that are presented on the Site.
4.6. Funds spent on Services and Subscriptions are non-refundable.
4.7. The withdrawal of internal USDR units invested in the Products provided on the Site before their expiration is not provided.

5. Rights and obligations of the parties
5.1. The User is obliged:
- When registering on the Site, indicate your real identification, contact information, address, document issued by a government agency and other requested information;
- If necessary, within 3 (three) days, provide / send scans or copies of notarized documents required for identity verification;
- Have only one account on the Site (subject to the provisions of clause 5.4 of the Agreement);
- Keep track of the relevance and, in case of change, within 10 (ten) days, update the information available in the Personal Account about yourself;
- Independently select the Service and Products on the Site.
- When using the Services and Products of the Site, fully comply with all the requirements of the "User Agreement";
- At least once every 7 (seven) days, review the Agreement for any changes in its content. If the User disagrees with the changes made, he is obliged to immediately stop using the services of the Site, while the User will not be able to withdraw the internal USDR unit before the expiration of the Product in which it participates;
- When working with the Services and Products of the Site, comply with the legislation in force in the territory of residence / location, including those related to combating money laundering and terrorist financing;
- Refuse to use the Services and Products of the Site if they violate the legislation in force in the territory of residence / location of the User;
- In case of making a profit using the Services and Products of the Site, be fully responsible for paying taxes, fees and other payments provided for by the legislation in force in the territory of residence / location of the User.;
- When working with the services of the site, it prohibits the user from raising money they do not own for example the trust he receives in the case of contingencies, the education of children, treatment, and other funds, the loss of which can have a severe negative impact on the welfare and quality of life of the User;
- To independently resolve any disputes, claims and claims of third parties, orders and requirements of state and municipal authorities to the User or RAF regarding the unauthorized use of the Services and Products of the Site, by the User and at his expense. The User agrees to cover all losses and expenses incurred by RAF as a result of such claims and lawsuits;
- Independently ensure the secrecy of the login and password required to access the services of the Site;
- Check email at least once a day.
5.2. The User has the right to:
- Upon expiration of the validity period of the Services and Products, stop using them and convert USDR in accordance with the terms of the Agreement (the conversion procedure may take up to 10 (ten) business days;
- Inherit an account;
- Request the deletion of the created account and all personal data of the User, provided that the User does not have active Products;
5.3. User is prohibited to:
- Sell, pledge an account, as well as otherwise dispose of it, except as expressly provided for in the Agreement;;
- Have more than one account per family (in this paragraph, a family means a spouse, spouse, parents, children, adoptive parents, adopted children, siblings, grandfather, grandmother, grandchildren);
- Reproduce, copy, repeat, distribute content available to the User in the Personal Account, unless the User has received written permission for these actions from RAF;
- Use fraudulent schemes for cheating the chain of attracted persons, software that can harm the Site, or otherwise affect its correct operation;
- Withdraw the internal USDR unit before the expiration date of the Product in which it participates.
5.4. User responsibility:
- All actions performed using the User's login and password are considered to have been performed by the User. The User is solely responsible to third parties for all actions performed using the User's login and password. RAF is not responsible for the unauthorized use of the User's registration data by third parties.
5.5. RAF pledges:
- Provide Services and provide Products to the User on the terms provided for in this Agreement;
- Ensure the confidentiality of the use of the Site services by the User, providing access to the Services and Products to third parties only with the introduction of an individual username and password;
- Convert USDR at the request of the User in accordance with the rate established by the Agreement, but not earlier than the expiration of the Products in which the internal unit participates;
5.6. RAF has the right to:
- Temporarily suspend the provision of the Site services for technical, technological or other reasons, for the period of their elimination;
- Suspend the operation of the services and / or early terminate the Agreement unilaterally out of court, by notifying the User, in the following cases: 1) violation by the User of the obligations assumed in accordance with the Agreement, 2) inactivity in the Personal Account for more than 3 (three) months, 3) the User provides incorrect data when registering the Personal Account, 4) the User does not submit the documents necessary for verifying the account in the established By agreement, 5) there is reason to believe that the information provided by the User is inaccurate 6) violation by the User of the legislation of his / our jurisdiction, 7) detection of unusual activity in the Personal Account, 8) the User takes actions that can in any form, indirectly or directly, negatively affect the RAF business reputation, 9) the User takes actions that may in any form, indirectly or directly, cause the RAF to malfunction, 10) otherwise, at the discretion of the RAF. In this case, the amount of internal USDR units is zeroed and not compensated. The notification is sent to the email address specified by the User during registration.
- No more than twice in a calendar year, without prior notification to the User, revise the terms of the product and change their qualitative and quantitative characteristics, in the direction of increase or decrease;
- Guided by the requirements of the legislation, establish restrictions on the use of the services of the Site for Users, depending on their place of residence, citizenship and other characteristics that must be taken into account in accordance with regulatory legal acts;
- Send the User messages of an advertising and information nature, mailings, including through the mobile radiotelephone network, from RAF, its counterparties and affiliates;

6. Guarantees
6.1. During the term of the Agreement, RAF is committed to resolving any failures and errors that may arise as quickly as possible. RAF does not guarantee that errors and failures will be absent during the period of provision of the Site's services.
6.2. User accepts the condition that, RAF claims are not made if the interruptions in the provision of services were caused by objective circumstances related to:
- Power outages
- Global disruptions to Internet segments
- Crashing routing systems
- Disruptions in telecommunications and energy networks;
- Malware that resulted in the disabling of the software and/or hardware complex of each party;
- Failures in the distributed domain name system;
- Failures caused by hacker and DoS (Denial of Service) attacks;
- Fires and other emergencies in the company's data centers.
6.3. RAF provides only guarantees expressed in the text of the Agreement. RAF does not provide any other (indirect) safeguards and is not responsible for the infringement of rights, non-compliance with the services and products to certain User objectives.
6.4. In the event of circumstances outside the influence of the RAF, which make it impossible to continue to carry out activities, the process of interaction between the parties is considered completed. Compensation for damage and the performance of other monetary obligations is carried out only by a legal entity in the amount limited by its authorized capital. Any claims, inquiries and claims in this case are not subject to consideration by the parties.
6.5. RAF disclaims liability for damages to the extent that such liability may be excluded or limited by applicable law.

7. The termination order of the Agreement
7.1. The agreement may be terminated at any time at the user's initiative, provided that he does not have active Products, or the day after the end of their term.
7.2. The Agreement may be terminated at the initiative of the RAF at any time in the cases provided for by the Agreement.
7.3. In case of termination of the Agreement on the initiative of RAF, in the absence of violations by the User, the User is notified of this 10 (ten) days prior to the expected date of termination by any available means. At the same time, compensation to the User, if he has active Products, occurs in a proportional amount, based on the elapsed period of their validity. If within the specified period the User has not taken any action related to the conversion of USDR, the Personal Account is deleted, and the User loses the right to claim compensation.

8. Dispute resolution
8.1. All disputes shall be resolved using the provisions of the Agreement and the laws of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
8.2. All contentious matters arising from or relating to the Agreement are resolved by the parties in the claim order. The claim shall have a period of 10 (ten) days from the date of receipt of the claim.
8.3. All disputes and disagreements between the parties to this Agreement that may arise under this Agreement, including the interpretation, performance of obligations, violation of their obligations, the expiration of the Agreement or its legal invalidity, if they are not resolved in a claim order, are subject to authorization in the COURT at the location of the RAF under the application of UK law.

9. Other provisions
9.1. Issues related to the provision, processing and transfer of the User's personal data are determined by the Privacy Policy.
9.2. The information presented on the Site is the property of RAF, or partners of the company and is protected by intellectual property rights.
9.3. In the event that any of the terms of the Agreement is held invalid or inconsistent with the laws of the UK, this term is separated from the Agreement and replaced by a new provision that is as close as possible to the original intentions reflected in the Agreement. At the same time, all other provisions of the Agreement do not change and continue to operate.
9.4. If RAF is unable to exercise any rights, powers or intentions under the Agreement or insist that the User strictly comply with the terms of the Agreement, this does not mean that RAF waives the terms and conditions of the Agreement or from its rights to require the User to comply with the terms of the Agreement in the future.